Peter's Cat part 1: Tails of Galilee and Peter's Cat part 2: Tails of Jerusalem for the Kindle, available from Amazon priced £2.21 each.

 The disciple Peter often features in the New Testament, but the observations and activities of his cat are not so well known!

Peter's Cat was first published in 1996, by Solway, as a book of black and white cartoon strips. Since then he has appeared in Christianity Magazine, Kids Alive!, The Dead Sea Comic and Impact Magazine, Singapore (tap this link to their website where you will find him at the bottom of the home page).

Like most things, over the years he has transformed from black and white into colour, and the new Kindle edition is the first time these colour cartoons have come together in one collection.

Part 1: Tails of Galilee follows the adventures of Peter's Cat with his friends the Pharisee's Cat and Zealot the dog, told in over 50 cartoon strips, as they get under the feet of the followers of Jesus and give a cat's eye view of the Gospel passages. 

Part 2: Tails of Jerusalem contains the remaining strips from the original book. It also includes never seen before cartoons, The cAts of the Apostles, following the life of the disciples after Jesus. These are also currently featuring on the Impact website.

As an extra bit of fun for those seeking more of Peter's Cat, below is a free colouring sheet to download.


          download here